A distribution leader within a

product development ecosystem

ChillHit Labs is a distribution leader within a product development ecosystem offering services to empower innovators in the lifestyle and health & wellness industries. We provide a complete operations platform for brands and wholesalers to scale their business and increase profitability. We are a globally diverse company with a focus on first-in-class concepts that enhance the everyday experience and quality of life.




Our commitment to product quality is embedded in our culture. We employ continuous improvement methodologies to ensure that everything we do meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency.

We offer confidential consultancy and design service from concept development to commercial implementation to develop new products and systems for particular applications. Examples of industries we worked in the past are health care, FDA devices & consumables, and cosmetics. 

The internal managing team has over 200+ combined years of logistics, and product development experience. We have dedicated project managers that independently focus on key engineering branches. Our diverse team of lawyers focus on intellectual property and litigation to aid through patenting and legal protection of the assets we create. 

We provide a complete integrated system that helps you focus on your customers, instead of your limitations.


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Food products

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