Posted by Julia S. on Dec 13th 2017

Learn how to take Ice cold hits without the ice

Have you ever tried a nice cold hit out of your water pipe? Or experienced the soothing sensation of cool smoke leaving your mouth? Perhaps you add ice in your water pipe to cool smoke, but as soon as the ice melts you get a splash of nasty water in your mouth! What if I told you that you could ditch the ice and treat yourself to a better smoking experience?

ice cold chillhit mouthpieces

Well now you can!

ChillHit Labs presents the ChillHit mouthpiece, a cooling, freezable mouthpiece that fits in any water pipe or concentrate rig and cools smoke during inhalation. The result is a cool, smooth hit that reduces irritation and prevents coughing without pipe water splash from melted ice. The ChillHit also prevents the spread of germs from sharing pipes when used as your own personal hygienic mouthpiece.

Adapted to any smoking device

You can appreciate how multi-functional and adaptable this mouthpiece is. Apart from water pipes and concentrate rigs, use it on pre-rolls by fitting the ChillHit to the base of the crutch! Vape users, stay tuned as ChillHit Labs is working on the ChillHit Sleeve adapter so the ChillHit may even be used on vapes. Enjoy cold hits no matter which smoking device you use.


Made and source in the USA

ChillHit is composed of a hand-crafted glass piece encased by a high-strength polycarbonate polymer. The glass piece makes direct contact with frozen glycerin inside, cooling the smoke before it reaches your mouth. The outside of the mouthpiece is fitted with a silicone sleeve to create an air tight seal inside your water pipe.

ChillHit is designed to stay cool for the duration of your sesh, depending on how often it is used. It is best to have at least one additional ChillHit on hand in the freezer to replace the first after it warms with use. To clean the mouthpiece, we recommend briefly soaking it in a bag with rubbing alcohol and salt. Next, rinse and dry the mouthpiece before popping it in the freezer for an hour or until the glycerin freezes again.

Ditch the ice. Freeze, smoke, repeat with the ChillHit cooling mouthpiece. Order yours today to experience the difference.



  • Ditch the ice! Use results in ice cold hits and the smoothest smoking experience
  • Prevents pipe water from splashing in your mouth
  • Personal hygienic mouthpiece
  • Works with vapes, water pipes, pre-rolls, and more
  • Silicone sleeve makes for an air tight seal
  • Fits water pipes with diameters of 1 inch and above
  • Easy cleaning, simply place in a bag with rubbing alcohol and salt


  • Cooling effect may not last long depending on how often it is used – we recommend that heavy smokers purchase at least one other ChillHit to rotate out mouthpieces as they warm with use